The History of Rangyai Island

Seventy years ago the little Jewel of an island less than 15 minutes by boat from Phuket island covered with coconut, and pine trees and a white sandy beach was without a name. Over time it become a favorite fishing destination of the local fisherman because of the plentiful "Pla Lang" or "Lang Fish". The locals then started referring to the island as " Rang Island ". The name it embraces today.

The size of Rang Yai Island is 275 Rai, In 1990 Richy Island Phuket Co.,Ltd became the official proprietor of the island, and operated it as an eco-tourism business. Later it became known as an excellent place to culture Pearls. Today it is registered as a Pearls Farm under the name "Phuket Pearl Farm" It produces top quality pearls for export around the world.

Rang Yai Island located just minutes (5 KM) from Boat Lagoon Marina is a must place to visit for daily excursion or intimate camping experiences for beginners to advance campers.

The facilities include sea canoeing, mini golf, mountain biking, volleyball, hiking, darts, and many other leisure type activities.

An added attraction is a live demonstration of how pearls are cultured, harvested and turned into beautiful pieces of Jewelry. Before you leave the Island a visit to the Pearl showroom is a must to culminate your trip to Rang Yai Island and take with you the memories of this exotic Island.